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Shipping & Returns

A given location based on our flash products for sale, usually 2 to 4 weeks, and after each one of our business partners, need to get a quote from our warehouses delivery is not the end of each sale. The reason for this is that, for the time the average delivery time to ensure exclusive offer our members, our provider Maximum respect for sale.

The value of different sizes, our fast order Royal Mail or courier company first class in accordance with the Company's products was usually the vessel. We also, at the time you check out, it is possible to select this option, and provides delivery and collection +.

Orders from abroad, the Royal Mail or courier, and "the last mile" to cover local postal service employees. We provide when

If you can help us, we can see, email us, therefore, not be able to find one embodiment of our country I want, if not the country has been an increase in the number of our boat every day.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase performance for some reason, you can. He told us to return the item, you must infer the 14 business days of receipt of notice.

This project, a refund will be processed as quickly as possible, it is processed, it may be a week cleaning, within 7 days of the test returns a receipt in our house. Will know to ensure that the refund has been processed, the return has been received in our warehouse, the other to e-mail.

If the project is, before it reaches the company warehouse, when you take your salary, you gave us, confirming that you want to maintain postal credentials.

If you want to return the order from outside the EU, in the local post office, should be able to provide CN22 folder created in your side to help Pave the rights in the UK of use. No duties include responsibility. Also, in order to write the "return" of the characters, we recommend the package.